Family Gatherings

1996 England


Family Visits to England
by Derek Bickford-Smith

From time to time we receive visits from our Family friends around the world. Here we record a few of them with fond memories....

In 1988 HMS Norfolk received the freedom of the City of Norwich. During his visit I met Commander Williamson of HMS Norfolk to invite them to the second world gathering in Norfolk Island. Unfortunately, duties prevented their joining us.

In 1993 Nan and Fred Smith travelled all the way from Norfolk Island to England. That was in the early days of bringing the Family together. Behind us in the photograph is Norwich Castle.

1996 and Joyce and Bob Wilson from the New Zealand branch of our Family, again with Norwich Castle in the background.

And then in 2001, there was a reception at County Hall for the New Norfolk delegation from Tasmania who had come over to ensure we would agree to a World Gathering there in 2008!
Headed by Damian Bester, Editor in Chief of the New Norfolk Gazette, who is seen here signing the visitors book with John Shepherd.

Left: a photograph taken in 2002 during a reception by Norfolk County Chairman Councillor Colleen Walker for the recently retired Australian Administrator of Norfolk Island, South Pacific.
Alan Kerr (left) and Gillian Reckitt (right).
The latter's ancestors include the original 'Christian' of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.

Right: Alan Kerr 'holding forth' at the reception joined by the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk County, Sir Timothy Colman (right).

Note the Norfolk Island flag and the Norfolk & Norwich World Family map on display.

In 2003, Norwich, England was honoured with a visit from Jacqueline and Dr John McFeeley, Chairman of the Norfolk Town Selectmen, Massachusetts.
This photograph shows us being welcomed to Norwich Castle by a 17th century Sheriff of Norwich.