Family Gatherings

2000 Norfolk Is.


The Second World Family Gathering
Norfolk Island, South Pacific, 2000

In the year 2000, we held the second international gathering of 'The Family' on Norfolk Island, that very much alive dot in the South Pacific near Northern Australia and New Zealand.
The originator was Alan Kerr and organisers Fred & Nan Smith.

Above: With the ultimate organiser - Angela Guymer

Right: Another central figure Gillian Reckitt (between a bloom - my wife, Huguette, and a thorn - me!)

The Present Administrator, The Honorable Tony Messner (center), Retired Administrator, The Honorable Alan Kerr (right), and on the left - guess who.

Which one would you buy a second hand car from???

But seriously, before I too am 'exported' to Norfolk Island to mirror those hard times of old....

There again was the evidence of this new found totally inclusive friendship.
We were welcomed by The Island Administrator. Attended a celebration of the anniversary of Captain Cook's landing (Captain Cook was there himself). Visited the annual Norfolk Island's Agricultural Show - the one and only, outside our own country.

There was a Church of England celebration service with their wonderful community hymn singing that made the rafters jump up and down let alone ring, and a planting of a commemoration tree on which we receive an annual 'well-being' report.

Above, some of the Family members at the 2000 Gathering.
Look at those smiling faces!

A Walk in the Wild.

Agnes Hain who originated this unique facility organised that we plant a tree in memory of our visit.
Pictured with me is Tim Christian.. (he's related to that original Mutineer on the good ship Bounty)

Tim (left) was our guide, regaling us with the excellent story of one of the 'exported' prisoners being there because he shot an eminent Townsend in the backside as the latter ran away from an arranged duel over some lady's charms, and a diary written on banana skins.

John Lawe (on the right), all the way from Norwich, Vermont with his State flag.
(In the centre - he's not angry - only lost his notes!)

Probably one of the most endearing aspects of the Gathering was the traditional 'Norfolk Island Hug' as so efficiently practiced by ex Australian Norfolk Island Administrator, Alan Kerr. It has to be given and felt to be really appreciated. Quite the best of gestures for world peace.


A final memory of Norfolk Island - me pointing to the landing place of Captain Cook.