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The 5th Journey

The 5th Journey: U.S.A.
by Derek Bickford-Smith

In 1999, I made another visit to America. This time I had a small delegation representing Norwich and Norfolk, UK with me...

City of Norwich, Connecticut
On this visit with Citizens from Norwich, England in 1999. Here again, we all stayed with private households and visited the City Hall, Church and school - a wonderful experience that would benefit everyone from both communities!
It is time we had them back !

Norwich Connecticut City Hall 1999. Presentation of The world Norfolk & Norwich Communities plaque to Norwich City by the delegation visiting in 1999. You will recognise Peg Tumicki (left), our organiser for that wonderful 'meeting the people'! and Doris Ball (holding the plaque).

Some of us found the Norwich Police very attractive!

The Lafayette Memorial with Margaret Tumicki, our best of best organisers. Without the French, the American independence would have been much harder?

And weren't those welcoming hostesses absolutely charming !

Norfolk Town, Connecticut
I have to say how enormously impressive and enjoyable our visit was for everyone in their different 'home stays' and a 'bean feast' or rather Italian rice feast organised by Louise's own Louis!

Louis, Head Chef and his 'bottle washers' AND THEIR CAKE !

It was during this visit we presented a copy of 'The World Norfolk & Norwich' plaque to Louise, for display in her library, as representing the hosts Norfolk Town CT.

Our wonderful hosts with their very grateful visitors!

Right: John Rosenblatt, first selectman presented the 1999 delegation with Norfolk Town's emblem.

Left: Desmond Elias from Norwich England, making the most of his birthday celebration with the attractions of Norfolk CT.

Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Exchange of presents between Walpole Massachusetts and The Lord Walpole of Norfolk England. Ella Carstairs of The English Delegation (Right)

Presentation the World Norfolk & Norwich Founder Member Plaque. Henry Ainslie (left - my first stalwart correspondent with English connections and retired County Administrator), Major Anthony Gurney (centre) presenting one of our plaques to William O'Donnell, Chairman of Norfolk County (right).

Our itinerary included a visit to The Norfolk County Agricultural school in Walpole MA.
Future agriculturalists with Major Anthony Gurney (left), and College Principal Richard C.Morse (Right)

Some Fun with history In Boston, Massachusetts...
The English helping get rid of that troublesome tea!

The Norfolk County Massachusetts plaque presentation to Councillor Roy Durrant, His Worship The Lord Mayor of Norwich City, in the Lord Mayors parlor back home in the UK.

Footnote: You are now looking at writings of the Hon Deputy Sheriff of Norfolk County Massachusetts, as appointed by The High Sheriff, Clifford H Marshall!
I should try telling that to a policeman who catches me speeding!

East Norwich, New York
In 1999 a delegation from Norwich UK visited East Norwich.
Dorothy McGee received the 'Family Plaque' for the World Family of Norfolk & Norwich on behalf of East Norwich.

Dorothy even had a 'welcome cake' for us!

and then Ken Rowe presented the Delegation's 'streamer'.

A sad note to end this chapter. Dorothy Horton McGee passed away in 2003. She is buried with her parents in Arlington Cemetery.