About the Family

The Family Aims

The Aims of the Norfolk & Norwich World Family

An unique 'Family'

· There are no language problems although the customs of each are interestingly different. (even within those of North American communities!).

· Each community has a very limited knowledge of their 'relations'!

· Every community is related, however remotely, to the original Norfolk & Norwich.

· This is the largest 'namesake community family' in the world.

· Many communities have now been visited with talks being given on our original Norfolk & Norwich in England, and understandably the inevitable question has been "Where is the English Norwich" and "Where is the English Norfolk?". - as indeed in England the same question has been asked concerning our overseas 'relatives!'.

The Aims of the Founder Members

· To hold gatherings every few years based upon a different Family Community.

· To provide information and contacts within each community for visitors from other namesake communities. It is wonderful how, now that introductions have been made, every community is extremely keen to be allowed to welcome visitors from others of their 'family'.
It is hoped that this will continue to expand by:-

1. Schools using e-mail to contact and inform each other of themselves.
The most remarkable fact is that schools spend an important part of the education time teaching a foreign language and yet their pupils in the main forget this as soon as they leave.
Here, in the Norfolk & Norwich World Family contacts, we have the facility that needs no preparation and yet schools are, again in the main, reluctant to add this potential as a part of life's education via that much heralded e-mail cum internet.

2. Associations contacting and exchanging information, The Lions, Rotary, Masons, St John's Ambulance, Salvation Army, British Legion, etc. the reality of such interchange is yet to be realised.

3. Libraries exchanging informative books. Librarians are the worlds best co-informants and the statistics show that our future on such a scene is in the hands of the ladies with that vision that seems to be uniquely theirs.

4. Local authorities maintaining such information of potential world connections so that their own peoples can take advantage via the individual Tourist offices.

5. The collection of the histories of each community is gradually being amassed and these will be edited into one publication for distribution to each community's library and local authority.

6. Our Norfolk & Norwich Family web site is aimed to be the focal point where each community will be able to put reference to it's own web sites, those of their area, their schools, their churches, their libraries and their associations. Thus making an ongoing and updated connection. Web sites are only effective if an exchange of references is made and here is a central point for effectiveness!

7. Each community can send in contributions for their communities pages.

Help in all these aims can be obtained by e-mailing Derek Bickford-Smith dimsmith@netcom.co.uk. The potential for education and 'getting to know' each other is one of the main contributions toward peace in our world.
This potential has been wonderfully started by those of each community who are contributing with vision and confidence ... the statistics are a compliment to the Ladies in that 99% of those have been our contributing founder members!