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Today, Norwich is a city of great contrasts, with medieval streets like Elm Hill and modern buildings like The Forum.

In these Photo Tours we will show you various buildings and streets, tell you what to look out for, and give a bit of history of the location.

The city centre within the city walls (which encompass an area larger than any other city in England) still retains the layout of roads which date back to the times when the many Saxon settlements started merging together to become Norwich.

The early Norwich had a turbulant history. The Vikings raided the town many times, and eventually Eastern England surrendered to the Danish King Sweyn in 1013. Many of the streets in Norwich have names of Danish origin.

The city centre is traditionally based around the Market Place - the largest open air market open 6 days a week in England. It has stood on this spot since Norman times.
Beneath its multi coloured canvas roofs an 'Aladdins Cave' of goods and services are available.
Besides the fruit & vegetables, meat and fish stalls, there are clothing, tools, electronics, books, records, and even an internet cafe.
The market place has just had a modern 'make-over'.

Elm Hill, Norwich
Elm Hill, Norwich
The Forum, Norwich
The Forum, Norwich
Norwich Market Place
Norwich Market Place

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