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19 July 2006
Norwich News: Wherry Albion at Dragon Hall

A very low-key event took place in Norwich today. The Wherry Albion made a trip to Dragon Hall carrying costumed re-enactment players representing Robert Topps and party making a token delivery to the Hall.
I say low-key because neither the Dragon Hall web site nor the Norfolk Wherry Trust web site mentioned it. Nor did the Eastern Daily Press.

Waiting for the Albion's arrival were other re-enactment players.

Unfortunately, with 20th century safety rails in the way the token unloading and loading of goods was somewhat hampered.

The characters then made their way up to Dragon Hall.

And we must not forget the working members of the party...

Unfortunately, although I took several photographs in the Hall my flash unit was misbehaving, and this was the only one I could rescue....

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