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03 June 2006
Norwich News: Elm Hill transformed for Hollywood Movie

Hollywood has come to Norwich briefly for location shots in Elm Hill and Strangers Hall.
The film 'Stardust', based on Neil Galman's fantasy story of the same name, and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro and Claire Danes is transforming Elm Hill into a town in the kingdom of Stormhold where Tristan Thorn, played by newcomer Charlie Cox in the lead role, is searching for a gift for his beloved.

The Britons Arms coffee shop has (on the outside) been tranformed into The Slaughtered Prince Inn with a small thatched extension on the end and a false door.

Other changes in the street are much more subtle, and mainly involves painting and ageing door and window frames, and signs that are likely to appear in the shots.

05 June 2006

FIlming will take place this evening, and today the street props were all in place. My thanks to the film crew for allowing us to walk around the set and take these photographs.
In the photograph looking down the street you can see the green curtain rolled up against the side of the building. When filming takes place this will be drawn across the street to give the 'green screen' for the digital adding of a stone archway.

Strangers Hall is being used for the interior of the Inn.

How much of this will be seen in the final release of the film we will have to wait until next year to find out....

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