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12 September 2005
Norwich News: Heritage Open Days & The Mediaeval Trust

Heritage Open Days - September 8th to 11th
Even if they weren't among the thousands that took advantage of viewing Norwich's Historical buildings, people in Norwich must have noticed people rushing about with a pinkish booklet in the hands.
The booklet was in fact a beautifully produced 50 page mixture of interesting articles and a catalogue of the over 120 special events and locations that were open to the public free of charge.

There were in fact so many things going on, and it was impossible to get to all of them. I shall be doing special features on one or two of them over the next few weeks.
In the meantime I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone involved. You were all really great. Can we do it again!

The Mediaeval Trust
While everyone was rushing around visiting places, down on the meadow at Cow Tower you could have been taken back to another time.

Members of The Mediaeval Trust were living in the style of the late Middle Ages. This group of enthusiasts are working towards creating a living Mediaeval Community in Norfolk. (Similar to the West Stow Anglo-Saxon settlement in Suffolk).

Having talked to them during a couple of breaks from my dashing around the Heritage events, I can tell you that they are very friendly, dedicated, and enthusiastic. They are looking for more members to join them and help them make this all happen.
You can find more information on their web site at
In the meantime here are a few photographs I took during my visits to wet your appetite.....

And finally, a young member of the public having a go...

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