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06 July 2005
Norwich News 07 September 2005.

The Bus Station and Chapelfield.

It's been a while since I've took any photo's from the top of multi-story car parks. Mind you they are short on the ground nowadays. Rose Lane was demolished, St Andrews was demolished but has now been rebuilt (along with a few houses of course), and Malthouse was demolished as part of the Chapelfield development.

Malthouse car park had on top a concrete monument representing the tail end of a bomb, reminding everyone of the destruction of this part of the city in 1942 when bombs were dropped from Caleys across to where Debenhams are today. With all the destruction around it, I wonder how St Stephens church survived.

St Stephens car park still stands, and its from there I took the following shots.

This structure on the top of the Chapelfield development is said to represent the old chimney of Caleys factory.
But I think that is just a bit of PR mumbo-jumbo. Truth is it's the spire of the new 'Cathedral of the Church of More Shopping'! and what's more it has the Church of England's blessing.
It must have. Because if there wasn't enough entrances to this shopping complex, they have plowed a footpath thro' St Stephens graveyard as well!!!

Nearly a month late, and not without its 'teething problems', Norwich Bus Station has finally opened. Just in time for next weeks bus drivers strike!
This view of it reminds me of the Star Trek starship Voyager - perhaps the designer is a fan of the show.

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