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06 July 2005
Norwich News.

Market Place update.

Ten days ago the traders finally started moving in to the first section of the new market. It's hard to believe from these photographs taken 5th July, but 4th July - it rained and rained and rained.

And the cock-ups and bodge-ups have started.

In this view, of the fish market area, notice the lack of fancy roofing over the fronts of the stalls. ( Compare this shot with the higher elevation 'artists impression' on the 23 December 2004 News Update).

By the way, what looks like an extra piece on the top of the right hand stalls is in fact the top of the Guildhall.

Instead, we have wood and perspex bodge ups to keep the stall fronts and customers dry.

As I said, we had a lot of rain yesterday. One section of the movable roofing raised instead of lowering and the rain pored in. Other sections of the roofing had to be taped up to stop the leaks.

There is still no roofing over the lanes running across the market, and if the rain is at the right angle and the stalls have the end doors open - the rain goes in.

I also spoke to one trader who at the end of his first day in the new stall couldn't close his end shutter. The council solution - nail a board up.

One final thought. When the market was laid out in the 1930's, the area was covered in hexagon slabs. (Please excuse my foot and the fact this was taken is a dusty area of the old market.) These slabs still look good 60 years later.
I wonder what's happening to them......

When the first section of the market was cleared, they were piled up separate from the rest of the rubble......

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