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17 February 2005
Norwich News.
Market Place updated, and stupid signs.

Market Place update.
Market demolition

Work has started on the removal of the first batch of market stalls.
The stalls are being replaced a row at a time. The work will last most of this year.

Temp market stalls

The stall-holders effected are being housed in the meantime in temporary stalls along the Walk.

The crazy people that control our lives.
The practice of pedestrian lights on road crossings has always been that there is a lighted sign at hand level at 90 degrees to the road, and across the road another sign above head height facing across the road.
It's common sense that it should be that way.

Well, not in Norwich any more!
At the moment new traffic light systems are being put up all over the city with both signs at right angles to the road, so when you look across the road for the other sign you see a message.....

The idiot who came up with this idea should have the cost of putting them right taken out of his salary, then sacked!!!!

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