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The East Anglia, Land of the Iceni web site is an unofficial guide, and not connected to the local Government or Tourist Authorities. While we will try to answer any questions, please understand we cannot snail-mail material.

If you'd like to say what you think of the web sites, or if you have visited the area recently and would like to make any comments, you can do so on the Old City Forum.

Can you help us?
If you can help with tales, stories, snippets of information, old photographs, or even with corrections of our spelling and grammatical errors, we would be very grateful. Please e-mail us.

Old photographs. We are seeking scans of old photographs and postcards of Norwich and East Anglia, even personal photographs (e.g. photo's of USAF personnel in the city, villages, pubs, and on the airbases, during the war).

We have advice & banners for anyone linking to the 'East Anglia, Land of the Iceni' web site.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, all text, graphics and photographs on these web sites are copyright and may not be reproduced by any means, or used on another web site, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

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